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Since its founding in 1976, Al Fitterer Architect PC has committed itself to providing clients with high quality professional services. This commitment to client satisfaction has resulted in long-term relationships and repeat business with many clients. We feel one key to our success has been active, consistent involvement and professionalism from start to finish in all aspects of planning, design and construction.

We understand the importance of listening to the needs of our clients, and involving them in the process to help building consensus and achieve results that will support the needs of the client. We work in a collaborative manner that invites input and involvement through each step of the planning process. Our team has a track record of assisting our client’s in prudently planning for spaces which meet the needs of users while respecting and adhering to budgetary goals. A facility plan needs to provide the occupants and users with the most efficient means of operation.

The Al Fitterer Architect team has a reputation of detailed, concise and clear drawings. We take pride in our work and believe it is more than just ‘lines, numbers, and/or words’ on paper. Our staff is experienced in AutoCAD, ReVit, Word, and Excel to provide a clear representation – 2D or 3D of our planning, large format presentations, and understandable spreadsheets to present to our client and the contractors. The Al Fitterer Architect team is diligent in providing our clients with the best, most comprehensive project delivery documentation possible and to be able to communicate it clearly and effectively. This results in excellent competitive bids from the contractors and lower costs for the owner.

  • Local involvement & knowledge: Our firm is based in Mandan/Bismarck and brings a first-hand understanding of the community – past, present and into the future.
  • Experience: Our firm has over 41 years of experience in the Mandan/Bismarck community and surrounding area. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and repeat customers throughout our years of professional service.
  • Precision: We at Al Fitterer Architect pride ourselves in providing one of the most comprehensive and detailed set of specifications and drawings among architects in the area. Our attention to construction methodology, client specific requests and code requirements allows us to provide clear documentation to the contractors, which leads to more competitive bids and an overall cost savings for our clients.

Firm Information

Al Fitterer Architect PC
200 Third Avenue NW
P.O. Box 129
Mandan, ND 58554
Established - 1976




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